Dafo vehicle suppression systems consist of three important, integrated mechanisms: Detection, Alarm and Suppression. These work together in a co-ordinated, rapid and efficient way to suppress a fire and prevent it from spreading inside the protected compartment. It is the ultimate safeguard for your operators, employees, assets and the surrounding environment.


Ultra-reliable Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is routed through the areas of high risk of fire inside the protected compartment to ensure early detection of fire. LHDC detects fire along the entire length of the cable, meaning that any developing fire is identified and dealt with as quickly as possible. Linear heat detection is one of the most robust and durable forms of fire detection available and is ideal for the very harsh conditions of an engine compartment.


The alarm panel placed inside of the operator cabin will provide an alert upon detection of fire. The system can be configured to discharge automatically as well as providing a manual means of release by the operator if necessary. An external alarm will sound which will also alert the operator, as well as any other personnel in or near the machine, to a fire situation.


The distribution network, consisting of flexible, fire-resistant hydraulic hoses and stainless steel tube with DW2 nozzles, is carefully designed to disperse the unique extinguishing agent to all high risk areas of fire (e.g. turbo, catalytic converter, pumps, fuel lines, generators, transmission belts, filters and hydraulic systems). The unique water-based extinguishing agent has been specially formulated for fighting fires in engine compartments. It combines the knockdown properties of dry powder, the heat reduction of water mist and the deep-seated hot-surface cooling to prevent reignition.